Eliza Fricker conducts a video consultations from her office in Hove

ONE-TO-ONE CONSULTATIONS Online video consultation
60 minutes

Eliza offers 60 minute one-to-one consultation and coaching sessions over Zoom.

These sessions are suitable for individuals, families, couples, parents and professionals. They offer educational, learning, home and family support and advice to talk about PDA, wellbeing for individuals, PDA and Neurodivergence support for adults, and the professional support of PDA.

Consultations are £80 plus VAT per 60 minute session. Subject to availability slots can be booked Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Eliza prides herself on her approachable, personal response to the issues which are affecting you, your families and students. Book now here, or please don't hesitate to contact Eliza with any enquiries.

I met with you online for a consult. EVERYTHING you said, every little piece of advice, we clung to and I can hand on heart say that our child is thriving. No meltdowns, no explosive behaviours. Communicating, learning and thriving... Thank you so so much for your time that day.
Consultation Client
I’ve felt hopeful for the first time in months. I feel like you’ve given us a road map. Everything you said was ‘inherently sensible’.
Consultation Client
Found it very useful - would recommend it to anyone whether you need to vent, have a sounding board, listen to someone with a lot of knowledge, sanity-check, or talk through choices and situations. Sometimes just saying things out loud helps you make sense of them and realise where you need to focus.
Consultation Client
A recording of The Art of Low Demand Parenting is show playing on a laptop sat on a tabletop

co-hosted with Dr Naomi Fisher

Eliza co-hosts the Webinar Series The Art of Low Demand Parenting alongside clinical psychologist Dr Naomi Fisher, guiding you through the highs and lows of low demand parenting.

Future live events are available to book on Eventbrite (note, some of Dr Fisher's Webinars listed may not feature Eliza Fricker, please check the event title and details).

Past Webinars from the series can be previewed and purchased individually on Dr Naomi Fisher’s website.

Such a relief to be at the excellent low demand parenting seminar by Naomi Fisher and Eliza Fricker last night. Joy at not being alone in the journey and grateful for validation.
Webinar attendee
one of the most interesting, insightful sessions on anxiety in autistic children that I’ve seen...It really helps me understand my child better.
Webinar attendee
Such a humble, insightful and highly informative webinar. Dr Naomi Fisher and Eliza Fricker were the perfect duo of lived experience and academic knowledge.
Webinar attendee
This has been the most useful thing I have had since my Son was 4, and he is now 14.
Webinar attendee
Eliza Fricker stands on the beach at Brighton facing the camera with the sea behind her

Eliza currently offers two presentations based on her books, Thumbsucker and Can’t Not Won’t. These presentations can be delivered virtually or in person. Please contact Eliza for costs and availability.

THUMBSUCKER 30 minute presentation plus Q&A session

Eliza spent her childhood being told she was all of these until her autism diagnosis as an adult revealed why she had experienced the world so differently. But what does it mean to grow up knowing you are different, misunderstood, 'difficult'?

Eliza’s illustrated presentation is for parents and professionals to explore how neurodivergence presents in everyday life and what neurodivergent children really need from the people who love them.

CAN’T NOT WON’T 30 minute presentation plus Q&A session

A presentation on a mother’s journey navigating the education system and everyday life with a child who can’t go to school.

Using Eliza’s wry and detailed illustrations this talk provides insight to both parents and professionals wanting to hear the story and experiences of the author’s everyday life and what neurodivergent children really need from the people who love them.

I plan on sending this to my sons Head Teacher in a bid to inspire and educate.
Podcast Listener
Open mouthed about how much resonated with our journey.
Podcast Listener
I had tears in my eyes listening to this.
Podcast Listener

PODCAST Missing the Mark: Autism and the Education System
Four episode Limited Series

In this powerful four-part podcast, Eliza Fricker shares her experience, and that of others, to reveal the difficult process of getting an autism diagnosis, what this means in our current education system, and asks, can we find a better way?

Currently almost two million children are regularly absent from school. Many of these will have special needs – making going to school a stressful and distressing experience. But in a system that prizes attendance over wellbeing, autistic children are forced into an environment that makes them unwell. Parents who want to safeguard their children are fined for non-attendance, and face an expensive uphill struggle to find alternative ways to educate their children. Yet there are other ways, including schools that focus on strength-based and autonomous learning. It’s in a setting like this that Eliza has seen her child heal and thrive.

With the help of leading autism experts Eliza explores the pressure to “fix” children to fit in and how many children are masking their true self to survive at school. She looks at alternative ways to educate children who don’t thrive in the mainstream model. And in light of the growing mental health crisis among young people, asks how far the UK school system is out of date and in need of reform. Are schools failing not just autistic children, but everyone?

All episodes are available to stream for free from all major podcast distributors, search Missing the Mark wherever you get you podcasts, or use the links below.


Episode 1: The Wrong Fit

In episode 1 we hear what it’s like to struggle to be in school and why getting a long-awaited diagnosis of autism doesn’t always bring the help families desperately need.

Episode 2: A Bad Morning

Eliza looks at how prioritising attendance means parents who can’t get their children to school are seen as feckless and their children as badly behaved. Meanwhile support for autistic children and their families is hard to access, until many are left at breaking point.

Episode 3: Finding Other Ways

Eliza finds out what happens when children leave the school system, what recovery looks like, and what alternatives there are to mainstream education when you know you need something different.

Episode 4: Seeing the Future

Eliza investigates how far our broken school system is not just failing autistic young people but everyone. Has the focus on league tables and standards lost sight of our children as human beings?

Just finished listening to all 4 episodes in one sitting. Open mouthed about how much resonated with our journey in the education system. 4 years of failed mainstream and still bumpy in a dedicated support base. Thank you for sharing your story with the world.
Podcast Listener
Perfectly on point. She has pulled together a fabulous collective of opinions and summarised a pioneering point of view. I plan on sending this to my sons Head Teacher in bid to inspire and educate. Thank you!
Podcast Listener
I had tears in my eyes listening to this. Eliza has summarised our family’s experiences, frustrations and despair in these 4 episodes. I think everyone should listen to this.
Podcast Listener
This podcast is amazing. It’s already described exactly what we have experienced on our journey with our autistic son.
Podcast Listener